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Our very own Trisha Poole helped judge more than 400 displays at the Hospitality Design Boutique Expo & Conference in Miami Beach.

September 21, 2010

A trio of designers-Trisha Poole, president, Design Poole Inc. (left); Patricia Rotondo, senior vice president, hospitality/interiors group, VOA Associates Incorporated (right); and Tom Trout, vice president, architecture and planning, Carlson Worldwide (middle)-toured more than 400 displays at Hospitality Design Boutique Expo & Conference (HD Boutique) in Miami Beach on September 14th, in search of the most creative displays.

Jurors unanimously selected 10 booths that ranked highest in judging criteria:

  • Design creativity
  • Color
  • Use of materials (other than product showcased)
  • Use of product as booth material
  • Effective display of product/service (other than booth material)
  • Curb appeal
  • Effective use of space
  • Identity (graphics/signage)
  • Brand continuity
  • Clarity of concept
  • Lighting and/or special effects
  • Accessibility/hands-on appeal

Best of Show

Edelman Leather  #1417
Judges’ comments: Creative use of material. Product display everywhere. Good use of the space. Can’t see storage behind artwork. Very creative.

Best Booth / 100 square feet

LDF Silk #2243
Judges’ comments: Hard product to display, done tastefully. Very creative; they have done a nice job. Good color combination. Great use of material in combination with color.

Best Booth / 200 square feet

Lefroy Brooks  #1311
Judges’ comments: Architectural product displayed in an architectural way. Clean, organized display. Easy to view, easy to understand.

Judges’ Awards

Reid Witlin Ltd/Trend Green #1117
Judges’ comments: Good use of materials. Creative use of color.

Bluworld of Water #2533
Judges’ comments: Nice job with use of water.

GreenSound Technology #2133
Judges’ comments: Smart use of glass. Unique. New. Accessibility/hands-on display.

Honorable Mentions

UltraWood Products #2221
Judges’ comments: Great use of the wood to display. Would like to see wood on the floor next time!

Lacquer Craft Hospitality #2412
Judges’ comments: Well-organized display. Effectively showing range of product. Good use of the space.

Mockett #833
Judges’ comments: Effective display. Clarity of concept.

Currey & Company #607
Judges’ comments: Creative use of display. Curb appeal.

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